Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Detroit | Here are staffers leaving in buyouts

Metro Times published names a list today of Detroit Free Press staffers leaving the paper, presumably in the round of buyouts announced in July.

Among those leaving: David Ashenfelter, who shared a 1982 Pulitzer Prize for public service when he was at The Detroit News. He's been at the Freep since November 1982 -- nearly 30 years.

[Photo: Metro Times]


  1. That's not really a list there, Jim Bob. Mr. BooBerry listed only a few names. There are a bunch more. You should try to get those on your own; it would boost your credibility a mite.


    Note the "former" editor title. Sounds like a plan, leaving.

    IMHO, they get getting, while the getting is (still) good.

    Leave later -- exit pkg may less, a lot less.

    And if you're age 60.5 -- hello, Social Security, hello COBRA.

    Not perfect. Well, the economy stinks. Got a better idea - that might actually be attached to reality and work?

  3. This is a fascinating story about Ashenfelter. Does anyone (David?) know how it was resolved?

  4. This was a reply to the Metro Times item on the buyouts:

    David Ashenfelter•7 hours ago−

    Hey Jack. You didn't mention the phrase "voluntary buyout" in your item about the departing Free Press employees. The newspaper offered senior staffers up to 52 weeks of full salary and health insurance, which was difficult to pass up. While it's true that the paper is trying to cut costs, the buyout offered many of us an opportunity to take a break, regroup and pursue new career opportunities. David Ashenfelter, Staff Writer, Detroit Free Press.


    Most of those Freepers were hired under Knight-Ridder.

    No doubt, many feel the Gannettoids are beneath them. They're not dumb.

    So, the "layoffs" are a good thing. A full year's pay? YO -- there's also 1.5 year of unemployment possible. That's 2.5 years of NOT having Gannettoidism. And most are close to retirement.

    Gannettoids suck - small, common, dull, moronic, dim-witted.

    If you've got a real pair -- not "blue" ones -- this is a good thing.

    (Jim - about David's case -- try Google. It works. You're welcome.)


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