Sunday, June 10, 2012

USAT | For 'vindictive' analysis, how tweet it is

Anonymous@6:17 trashed newspaper consultant Ken Doctor's take last week on USA Today's prospects under the paper's new publisher, asking: "What qualifies him for this vindictive and pointless analysis?"

Gannett's marketing department apparently thought otherwise.

Earlier: Doctor wonders about Kramer transplant rejection.


  1. Wow, the marketing folks at Gannett are truly clueless. Flat out embarrassing.
    Maryam, wake up. Not all publicity is positive.
    Why amplify it?

  2. Banikarim ordered it tweeted thinking her name was mentioned. Now nursing her poor bruised ego with speaking bookings in LA and planning her Cannes parties.

  3. We all know Banimarim is clueless about marketing. After more than a year on the job what has she actually done? Nothing. Her only mission is her self obsessed egotism. Stick that up on your purpose wall, Banikarim.

  4. The Purpose Wall. That says it all about the ability of management to inspire what little morale it hasnt destroyed as well as projecting to outsiders what direction were heading.

  5. Wow that tweet is flat out embarrassing. They should take it down.


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