Friday, June 01, 2012

USA Today Confidential | Issue 6.1.12

This comments thread is about USA Today. I revive it occasionally when my readers show particular interest in Gannett's most visible brand. (Archives.)

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  1. So what's the Hunkster doing these days? Just twiddling his thumbs until he "retires."

  2. Hunks is hoping to push through one more USAT transformation before he goes. He has pledged to undo all the shit he got wrong during his reign. I think he's calling another town hall meeting.

    1. Id like to know how this genius came up with the first one. sheer lunacy.

  3. Town Hall meetings ... laughable. Do these suits think any of us take this stuff seriously? When they stop lying and spinning, and actually show some integrity, we'll start listening. Until then, I am tuning out. I have way too much work to do because of all the damn layoffs. I pity those who lost their jobs, but for many of us left behind, USAT is now a nightmare. I cut more corners in one day than I used to cut in a year. Ridiculous way to put out a product.

    1. This is exactly what's wrong with the bloated, self important, self proclaimed "Founder" mentality. Community newspaper folks I invite you to take a walk through any one of the newsroom work areas. Trust me you'd see a three headed puppy before you'd see a stressed, over worked individual. They put out a thin paper five days a week with 400 plus news folks.The most vocal person writes ONE column a week. Cry me a river.

  4. Hunkes is practicing his climbing techniques to scale Gannett's new Purpose Wall.

  5. The nickle and diming continues: usat cutting stipends 40%. i guess this is how we pay for executive junkets to Cannes and the Olympics.

  6. The rumble in NY marketing is another furlough is coming in Q3. Are you kidding me? As usual when you think it can't get any worse around here. I hope next week's sales parties start with the beheading of Jones and Consavage.

  7. How's that Beusse and Banikarim redesign and redecorating of the NY floors coming along?

  8. What proof do you have of Q3 furloughs? Stop lying.

  9. Let's ask David L Hunke at his next senseless transformational town hall rally. He always tells the truth.

  10. Hunke does not lnow how to answer a question with a straight answer. He wasnt able to articulate why he is 'retiring' so dont expect him to talk about furloughs ahead of his shrimp cocktsil exit party in September.

    But wouldnt it be just like it if management furloughed staff just after the big 30th anniversary party Hunkers and Banikarim are planning?

  11. Worst.

  12. A year and a half and all Banikarim can do is plan a party? Isn't that what Cassidy and his crew are supposed to do with their inflated salaries? Just make sure Banikarim has her crown polished and her ass kissed and that the scotch on the rocks are lined up for Hunkster.

  13. Worst publisher ever
    Worst editor ever
    Worst advertising vp ever
    Worst marketing vp ever
    Worst circulation vp ever
    Worst vertical vp joke ever
    Worst not needed gm ever
    Worst finance dictator ever
    Worst HR slime ever
    worst working conditions ever
    Worst ever period

    USAT is a joke to the industry and to the country. Wall Street is laughing and creditors keep downgrading and the stock keeps sliding south.

    Let's see the new old white guy has-been try and pull the transformed wreckage out of the quicksand.

  14. Actually, we have had worse editors. And at least Weiss does more than pretend to care about people. When it comes to people skills and news judgement, she is at least on par or better than:

    healthworks hillkirk
    Music man Paulson.
    3g Jurgensen.
    bullpen Mazarella.

    All laughable leaders. Whats worse: lousy deputies.

    This must change soon, and it will.

  15. 9:09, I beg to differ. There are several reporters and editors who work at a much more intensified pace than the bulk of the bulk of the newsroom. Unfortunately, they are seldom recognized for their work, outside their direct supervisors.

    Overall, though, your observations are correct. Many people need a swift, routine kick in the posterior because they are unchallenged by their work, dont care anymore or arent properly motivated.

  16. Jurgensen is the model Washburn most wanted to emulate. Scary, huh?


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