Friday, June 01, 2012

Cincy| We don't kneed no stinkin' copy editors!

One in an occasional series about the impact of cuts in copyediting across Gannett.

Omni Hotels & Resorts is one of the nation's better-known hotel brands. Indeed, there was once an Omni in Cincinnati.

But that's not how it was spelled in a Cincinnati Enquirer story yesterday about an incident in Pittsburgh, Pa., involving a Cincinnati Reds player. The misspelling created an unfortunate play on the word.

HEADLINE: Police investigate Chapman robbery

THE LEDE: Pittsburgh police confirmed Wednesday they are investigating the Tuesday evening robbery of a 26-year-old Hispanic woman who was tied up and robbed inside Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman's room at the Onmi Penn hotel.

See this clipping of the print version.

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  1. Here's another one.

    The daily USA TODAY page all of us in the hinterland are forced to use runs Newsline briefs down the left side, and they never use datelines. The first brief yesterday, with a headline of French captive: Treated like 'guest,' did not say where the guy was held or released to. The three-graf brief mentioned leftist rebels and "this small southern hamlet,' but never gave a location.

    I take it no one edits that page, either. What a shame.

  2. Budget cuts. We can only afford What, When and How - Who, Where and Why are on perma-furlough.

  3. Today's A1 banner headline in Wilmington - about the Prime Hook wildlife refuge - named it "Prime hook." I can't paste the link here for some reason, but it's on Newseum.

  4. @2:22, maybe they saved a bit on ink with the lowercase "h."

  5. My all time favorite was Chigago. Not long after that, I saw Illinoise in a sports hed.

  6. The weird thing is, how many professionals rely on a spellchecker program being just as good a copy editor. There's an entire generation who think it's just nifty, which is fine for the average under-educated Joe, but journalists? I hate it. And I don't use it. I look at the words. Major concept.

  7. Cincinnati needs an editor first. There hasn't been one in that newsroom since Jan. 2011.

  8. That's next-to-nothing, just a typo — at least compared to the correction the Lafayette Indiana paper ran this week:

    The executive editor misfired on the composer of our national anthem in a front page column.

  9. Let's not forget the time ('08 or '09 maybe) a hed in the Kentucky edition misspelled Cincinnati. And they had a copy desk then. Good times....


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