Friday, June 29, 2012

USAT | We'll call this the paper's own Twittergate

At USA Today Sports: wow -- and even wow-er!


  1. Deadspin has a later story on it. Another humiliation for the $300 Million team, Buesse & Morgan.

  2. The USA Today correction of its brief story on whether handicapper Danny Sheridan bought Twitter followers includes this:

    Sheridan "is not paid by USA Today Sports."

    And that, dear readers, is the potential downside of cheap/free content -- a strategy USAT is pursuing full-tilt.

  3. Cheap/free content --- remember the Cincinnati Enquirer's "Grandma in Iraq"?

  4. Oh that Deadspin story is just the cat's meow. What a schmuck that guy sounds like, and the USA Today revelations are humiliating, indeed.

    Ha ha.


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