Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Indy | Freep's Taylor named paper's top editor

That's according to an Indianapolis Star story this morning that says Jeffrey Taylor, senior managing editor at the Detroit Free Press since 2008, has been named top editor at the Star.

The two papers are among Gannett's largest in terms of circulation.

Taylor replaces Dennis Ryerson, who announced in April that he was stepping down for part-time role as a columnist and editorial writer.

He started his career at the Kansas City Star, where he shared a Pulitzer Prize with fellow reporter Mike McGraw for national reporting in 1992 for an examination of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Star story says.

Indianapolis' weekday circulation is 164,640 and on Sunday, 304,112. The Freep's weekday is 232,696; Sunday is 668,332, according to the ABC's March 31 figures.


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  2. Deadline Detroit's take : http://deadlinedetroit.com/articles/755/free_press_loses_a_key_boss_at_a_tough_time

  3. Updated: Free Press to lay off reporters, cut newsroom

    By Steve Neavling

    The Detroit Free Press plans to sizably reduce its staff of reporters, and one of its top editors is leaving, Editor and Publisher Paul Anger told trepidation newspaper employees today.

    Anger said the cuts “won’t be tiny,” according to three reporters and an editor who were at the meeting.

    Another blow to the Fee Press is the exit of editor Jeff Taylor, a talented senior manager and 1992 Pulitzer Prize winner who will head the Indianapolis Star.

    The Indianapolis Star wrote about Taylor’s arrival today.

    The Free Press is owned by media giant Gannett Co., which has slashed jobs at its other newspapers for the past few years because of declining revenue.

    But the Free Press has largely dodged layoffs with other newsroom cuts – until now.

    It’s unclear how many reporters and photographers will be let go.

    Anger wasn’t specific about the job cuts, only saying the staff would be reduced.

    An editor confirmed to Muckraker that layoffs will be inevitable.

    The move raises question about the Free Press’ standing in a weakening market that includes another daily newspaper, the Detroit News.

    The Free Press has already reduced delivery days from seven to three.

  4. "Sizably reduce its staff of reporters" in one sentence.... "It's unclear how many reporters will be let go" in another. And Anger didn't say reporters would be cut, just staff. So what's the source on the first graf?

  5. I believe Neavling meant the newspaper employees were agitated.

    In any case, I sure would like to hear more. I've checked with one of my sources, who said only that he'd heard rumors something was up.

    It would be natural to wonder whether the Freep would experience cuts -- along with the staff of the Gannett-controlled Detroit Media Partnership -- after Detroit's operations were moved to the U.S. Community Publishing Division under Bob Dickey.

    It had previously been part of a USA Today division under Dave Hunke, before he announced his retirement.

    Still, it seems odd that layoffs would come solely because Detroit had been moved to another part of the organizational chart.

    Given the deep economic problems in the Detroit market, it wouldn't be surprising if operations there were scaled back.

  6. "The move raises question about the Free Press’ standing in a weakening market that includes another daily newspaper, the Detroit News.

    The Free Press has already reduced delivery days from seven to three."

    So has the Detroit News.

  7. What do the comments have to do with an employee promotion? This site continues to be lame, speculative and mean. Oh and cheaply organized. Let's just keep having comments pt4 and so on.

    folks harp on journalism efforts -- maybe this blog has been part of the consolidation efforts -- get some real work...all of you

  8. So what have been the editorial cuts/layoffs/buyouts in Detroit?

  9. The Freep was supposed to give 30 days notice of any layoffs per a reporter/union officer quoted by Crain's Detroit Business. As typical of Gannett, the Freep gave no such notice.

    Nice way to make a difference, eh!

  10. 5:49 -- why are you wasting your time at a lame website? Go away; let our lameness not be sullied by the likes of you.

  11. Something to remember: Even though they reduced delivery days, they still produce the paper 7 days a week at both the Free Press and the News. So it's different (and requires more labor) than the Advance plan.

    Also: People often discount the Detroit News, but DetNews.com has long since eclipsed Freep.com in traffic. So its audience is actually growing.

  12. 7:12...

    what planet are you on?

  13. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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