Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fort Collins | More kudos for wildfire coverage

Those congratulations come from design blogger (and Des Moines Register alum) Charles Apple, who once more singles out the Fort Collins Coloradoan for photos and other coverage of the nearby High Park Fire that's already consumed 87,000 acres and more than 250 homes. Apple's praise appears in this post.


  1. Charles is obviously talented, educated and passionate about his craft.'s time to get over yourself and live in the real world that's less than perfect.

    His critique and opinions about dumping ads for the situation...and "Cropping Photos slightly differently" are a little much.

    My interaction with Charles (10+ years ago) was very pleasant and educational. But Charles was trying to stress the finer points of photo and graphic design to a small town newspaper staff. Small town readers, as I explained to Charles, like the "Buffet of pictures" (a lot) of their kids, neighbors, family, friends....rather than the "Filet" of that's perfect.

    Nice guy but he needs to realize his lab of perfection doesn't always translate to the real world.

  2. Covering fires aint easy. Stay frosty, Fort Collins.


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