Tuesday, May 08, 2012

By the numbers | GCI's Fortune 500 rank plunges

The company was No. 465 on Fortune magazine's prestigious just-published list of the 500 largest U.S. firms by annual revenue. That was down from 415 last year, as GCI's revenue fell to $5.2 billion, the magazine says.

Speaking to the magazine for a feature about career advice from "500" women chief executives, CEO Gracia Martore said:

"You have to be willing to accept new challenges and opportunities outside your comfort zone -- because that allows you to grow and expand. It's also important to keep your eye on the larger picture."

Gannett's highest-ever Fortune 500 rank (1990)

rank last year

this year -- GCI's lowest-ever rank

Historic rank
This spreadsheet shows GCI's annual ranking since it first appeared on the list in 1972. The sheet also shows noteworthy events in the company's history during those four decades


  1. GCI fell 50 places in this year's list from last year's. That was the second-worst showing since 1995, when the company plunged a whopping 161 places.

    Its best year ever was 1980, when it advanced to No. 272 from 335 the year before.

  2. Jim, in your spreadsheet you forgot one particularly noteworthy GCI event: USA Today founded in 1982

    How could you forget that, ex-USA Today-er? ;)

  3. 11:15 Excellent point; I've added USAT to the list.

  4. Was the steep drop in 95 after they sold off all the radio holdings, not to mention Gannett outdoor.

  5. We might need to hire a VP to monitor our Fortune rankings going forward.

  6. Ah, hence the saying by LH, You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I knew she didn't come up with that one herself. It is such a stupid, stupid statement.

  7. Gracia's quote should be included in layoff notifications.

  8. Best regards?

  9. Gannett is using a race to the bottom approach with the right team and the right strategy.

  10. We're still waiting Maryam!

  11. Hey Jim, construction and opening of the crystal palace should be on there. Anyone who hasn't been to that place and spends time in other Gannett buildings would be truly appalled. Black and white marble and granite and glass everywhere; fountains; a true corporate campus, but above all a monument to true stupidity in not realizing that within 5 years everything would be tanking. By 2008, it felt distinctly like a morgue.

    And then there's the world's largest/longest? neon installment, about the greatness of newspapers; it's been turned off for years now and will never be back on. That in itself speaks VOLUMES. If it was at another company, we'd write a story about it full of drama and irony....


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