Monday, January 02, 2012

Salem | Why they're ready for 12/21/12 endtimes

"There is zero chance our corporate owners will let us go home and skip the put-out-the-paper thing." 

-- Statesman Journal writer K. Williams Brown, in a satirical column yesterday about the paper's news coverage plans for the predicted apocalypse. Brown imagines the paper's story lineup; the need to pay reporters overtime (!!!), and editors buying pizza to feed the newsroom, "like they do on election night."


  1. This just begs the question: who will you buy pizza from at the end of the world? Dominoes or Pizza Hit?

  2. Whichever one takes American Express!

  3. to paraphrase a great american: "I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a pizza today."

  4. J. Wellington Wimpy, I believe.

  5. Election night overtime? Nah, just work your 40 Monday and Tuesday and if anything happens Wed-Sunday we'll cover it next week.


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