Monday, January 02, 2012

Rochester | More probes, like his passion for cigars

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle is bolstering its government watchdog efforts this year, Editor Karen Magnuson told readers in a column yesterday.

Amid the Gannett-wide rollout of the passion topics news initiative, the Democrat and Chronicle and six other New York newspapers are forming a "Gannett New York News Network,'' she says. "For example, we'll tackle state Freedom of Information Law issues as a group. Look for more on this in March in conjunction with Sunshine Week."

Magnuson said readers want more stories like the paper's disclosure that a local airport director had spent $17,000 on visits to cigar shops, then charged the expense to his airport credit card.


  1. Writing about cigars, Jim? That's not very subtle.

  2. Watch what editors towing the G line say versus what they do. As resources dwindle, they aim to share couple of splashy stories a year. But the daily quality is diminished and there's less of it.

  3. I agree with 3:21. The editors no longer have the staff to do big-time investigations and provide even minimal community coverage. If anyone thinks otherwise, they haven't worked on a hard-driving paper for a hard-driving editor. To do it right, it will take manpower.

  4. Sounds like what they talked about doing in Wisconsin, but I don't know if it's actually started yet.

  5. ""For example, we'll tackle state Freedom of Information Law issues as a group.""

    Freedom of Information, yet their next plans are "Pay walls"

    Gotta luv it!

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