Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sponsors | Four gifts, and four holiday notes

In today's snail mail:
  1. A reader in Tennessee sent $5 with a Christmas card that included a note: "Thanks for keeping us in the loop while Gannett keeps us in the dark."
  2. From Northern Virginia: "Thanks for all you do. Happy holidays!" and $20.
  3. "Thanks for keeping us informed," said an Oregon reader, who included $20.
  4. And from a second reader in Tennessee, $25 -- with this message: "Wishes for a bright and happy holiday. Thanks for your work on the blog!"
Thank you all.

With advertising sales, these new contributions bring me to 86% of my goal. But there are now just eight days left in the quarter for me to earn another $569. The breakdown to date:
  • Reader donations: $1,005
  • Advertising: $2,436
I'm trying to earn $4,000 quarterly, through donations of $5 per reader, plus advertising sales. Please use the PayPal "Donate" or "Subscribe" tools in the green rail, upper right. Or mail cash and checks payable to: Jim Hopkins, 584 Castro St. #823, San Francisco, Calif., 94114-2594.


  1. Stand up and applaud people. Reader support has now exceeded $10 a day!!!! Now THAT us a business model! David Payne eat your heart out.

  2. Bah, humbug to 3:47. Keep up the great work, Jim.

  3. Don't worry, 3:47. At the end of every quarter, Jim magically bumps up the advertising revenue so it looks like he came close to meeting the goal.

    So he might approach the $11/day model.

  4. 5:08 I'd show you my Google AdSense report. But then you'd extend your conspiracy theory to my manufacturing fake documents.

  5. Just tell us how much you plan to increase the "revenue" by this quarter.


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