Saturday, December 24, 2011

Battle Creek | The Enquirer sells its building . . .

. . . and the buyer is a church.

Among several changes, the Rev. Ivan Lee of the New Harvest Christian Center says he plans to build a gym in what had been the press room, according to this Battle Creek Enquirer story.

The sale of the Michigan paper's building comes as Gannett sells real estate across the company amid shrinking operations.

The Enquirer sale "finally closes that chapter when we right-sized," said the paper's executive editor and general manager, Michael McCullough.

After 60 years at the old site, the Enquirer is now leasing space elsewhere in the area. Three years ago, the paper shuttered its press and moved printing to the Lansing State Journal.

Battle Creek's Monday-Saturday circulation is 15,275; Sunday, 22,506.


  1. May God bless the church's time in that building.

  2. They need to sell the cavernouss crystal palace and usa today building, plus the adjacent vacant parcel. The few reporters left could fit in one floor. All the offices built for Heather Frank's team are sitting unused. Parkingmgarages are leased out for events and Freddie Mac next store. Outside of all the vice presidents, ther is a lot of unused, wasted space.

  3. Since our folks moved out ages ago why does anyone care?

  4. I think what Cereal City "Mac" McCullough really meant to say was, "finally closes that chapter when corporate shredded the shit out of my staff."

  5. $70,000 for a building that big? Someone got a heck of a deal.

  6. Does anyone have an informed opinion, or even a reasonable guess based on some knowledge of the D.C.-area market, what the Crystal Palace would be worth in an arms-length transaction?


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