Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reuters to NYT Co. investors: It could be worse

[Robinson's $15 million vs. Dubow's $37 million]

Departing New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson will get an exit package exceeding $15 million -- more than $10 million above initial estimates, Reuters says, citing "people familiar with the situation."

But even that much bigger payout pales in comparison to what Gannett's chairman and CEO took with him two months ago, when he quit for medical reasons, the news service says.

"Robinson is getting less than half of the $37.1 million in severance Craig Dubow received when he retired as Gannett's CEO in October, after six years at the helm of the newspaper publisher and amid similarly dismal financial results,'' Reuters says.


  1. Is it too much to ask for some full and open disclosure here?

    Everyone in the media and politics should be required to offer and have open disclosure. If not- why not?

    What is her religious heritage and political history? Tribalism and culture has a huge impact and relationship to cronyism and corruption, opportunity, and financial rewards. You think not? It has happened throughout history.

    America version 2000 has been hijacked by cronyism and corruption. Cronyism equals corruption and ethnic background plays a big role.

  2. Well, I admire in an odd way you (and everybody else) sticking with the $37m figure. $15m may be real dollars for her. Don't we know that Dubow's exit has cost the company $16m so far (and isn't it possible that could be all?)? Given that he left with a disability, I think it's apples/oranges. Which means Robinson's could be worse comparatively.

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  4. Gannett: best in class, executive departure layoffs.


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