Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Indy | GCI adds 108 jobs; losses elsewhere unclear

In a three-paragraph story that reads like a press release right out of Corporate, The Indianapolis Star says today that Gannett plans to hire 108 employees in the area for existing divisions that serve other GCI newspapers.

The un-bylined story doesn't disclose the source of the jobs, which almost certainly are coming from elsewhere across GCI. Indeed, given recent consolidation efforts, the jobs added in Indianapolis and nearby Fishers will result in a greater job loss across GCI.

The Star says the jobs will be for the Gannett Imaging and Design Center, which produce advertising artwork and tones photos; the Digital Employment Sales Center, which handles help-wanted ads; and the National Shared Service Center, which provides financial services such as accounts payable for other papers.

The new hires will raise GCI employment in the metro area to 1,100 people, 10% more than in 2007, the Star says. Those figures are puzzling, however. In 2008, the Star alone employed close to 1,400, according to GCI records from that time.

Big tax breaks in 2008
GCI had 32,600 employees worldwide at the end of last year, according to the latest published reports. That was down a whopping 29% from 2007 -- the period measured by the Star.

In 2008, when GCI said it planned to add up to 200 jobs at the Indianapolis finance center, the Star reported the company could reap up to $935,000 in tax credits and other state benefits. Today's story doesn't mention any promised tax breaks or other giveaways, however.

The Indianapolis Business Journal, which published its own report on the new hires, said Publisher Karen Crotchfelt was out of town and unavailable to comment on specifics of the local jobs plan.

GCI also has an Imaging and Design Center in Des Moines. And it was to have a second finance center in Springfield, Mo., under a plan disclosed in 2008.

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