Friday, July 08, 2011

Layoffs | The truth according to Bob Dickey

Following yesterday's news that Michigan's Times-Herald in Port Huron will eliminate 53 jobs when it shutters its press, we now have fresh evidence that U.S. newspaper division President Bob Dickey wasn't kidding when he said last month: "We will do all that we can to avoid further layoffs outside of those related to ongoing consolidations."

That's like saying there won't be any further layoffs except on days of the week ending in the letter "y."


  1. How about permanent freezes on their fat paychecks and bonuses?

  2. Yes, just like those expensive Honma golf clubs that look like nothing special except when you try to price them. Don't look here, because nothing is going on. Just move along, pretty young lady, nothing to see here.

  3. okay, I can be with you most of the time. But, seriously, he said in his comments that consolodations would continue. And they are in PHuron. So what's the beef here? He said, they did, it is what it is. Just sayin.

  4. 7:43 To express my point more directly, Dickey's remark is misleading because it downplays the role of consolidations in layoff numbers.

    Gannett's strategic plan is nearly 100% about consolidations. It would be impossible to meet Wall Street's demands, and to pay top executive bonuses, without constant consolidation of work.

    Doing "all that we can" to avoid layoffs would at least require setting lower profit margins and reining in executive compensation.

  5. Well from what I have seen those profit margins are getting thinner and thinner. There was a time when media profits were very high. But now, they are getting lower and lower.

  6. As long as money and security have a higher priority than the passion for relevant truth and honorable management, journalism will fail to meet the needs of Gannett employees and their potential customers. However, customers can go elsewhere for their news. I suggest that those of you in this noble profession consider the possibilities available to you and use your talents to do something meaningful beyond increasing Craig DeBow's bonuses.


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