Monday, June 06, 2011

PointRoll names three new senior executives

Here's the statement by the Gannett advertising services subsidiary.

Earlier: PointRoll CEO Tafler is out, and Gatto is in.


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  2. Pointroll is so screwed with this management team. Sarah Ripmaster our top sales excutive just took off and now Rob Gatto is hiring a bunch of his Chicagomstyle cronies to manage Pointroll.

    Pointroll is running at 2009 revenue levels (30% below last year) and Gannett is all over us for performance.

    Rob Gatto should be fired as he is a stupid leader and has no respect from anyone he in the main office.

  3. Jim,
    Why would you remove the 10:19p post? The point is Flanagan is a friend of Gatto's that has yet to be able to keep a job. He hired his "buddy"! When so many qualified people are looking for work, this guy hires an unqualified friend to develop business for us at pointroll.

    Rob Gatto is failing as a leader and now surrounding himself with his friends to protect him. Start investigating pointroll Jim and I think you will have plenty to write about and expose around a "once great company" that has gone to "shit" because of Gannett's lack of leadership and knowledge of how to hire executives and manage their investments.

    WAKE UP!


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