Saturday, May 14, 2011

I've restored about 60 comments lost in the outage

Using a workaround, I've now found and republished nearly 60 comments lost during the recent Blogger software platform outage.

They're a bit trickier to read than comments published normally. That is because I was required to post them in batches, under my own name. Wherever possible, I included the original time stamps.

You'll find a couple dozen under this post about layoffs at the Asheville Citizen-Times. And there are about three dozen more under this Real Time Comments post.

Meanwhile, Blogger says it's working through the weekend to restore the millions of original comments lost during the outage. At some point, then, you may see them reappear in those two posts.

Sorry about all the confusion!


  1. Brilliant, Jim. So you took other posts and put them under your name? This should be fun.

  2. @9:26: If you actually look at what Jim did, it makes sense, unlike your comment. But carry on. No doubt you'll find other places on the blog to be annoying and irrelevant.


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