Friday, May 13, 2011

Note | Software glitch slows down Gannett Blog

The web-based publishing software platform I use, the Google-owned Blogger, suffered a nearly 24-hour-long outage that ended earlier today, the longest such downtime I've experienced in the five years I've been using the service. The outage came during a software upgrade that began Wednesday evening.

Blogger said it temporarily removed millions of posts on sites using the service, but expects to restore them in the near future. (We're missing at least one post, about 12 newsroom layoffs at North Carolina's Asheville Citizen-Times.) During the outage, Gannett Bloggers were unable to post to the site.

Related: Blogger explains what happened, and its efforts to restore lost material.


  1. I hope the upgrade makes it less likely these sort of outages will occur again.

  2. Hey, could be worse, Jim. Could have been a PS3 situation.

  3. When you called IT did they tell you to reboot?

  4. Jim, are you SURE Google didn't sell Blogger to Gannett?
    (They'd rename it "Chicken Blogger", I'm sure!)

  5. Below seen 4 days ago at:

    The Herald-Leader - 11
    The Charlotte Observer - 26


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