Sunday, April 03, 2011

WKYC | Newscaster and meteorologist let go

Gannett's NBC affiliate in Cleveland is dropping two weekenders, meteorologist A.J. Colby and newscaster Jeff Maynor, according to Ohio Media Watch and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Their last days on-air will be May 29.

WKYC has been embroiled in a bitter months-long dispute with employees represented by the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians-Communications Workers of America.


  1. WKYC- Channel 3 (Cleveland) is making a bad move when they let AJ Colby go. He is well liked by the community and has been one of Cleveland's top meteorologist for many years. The management at WKYC does not take into consideration any public viewer input and has recently been cutting costs via letting good hard-working, skilled, honest, talented, top-notched homegrown professionals go. The bring on Robin Swaboda for a 7 o'clock news show that is absolutely the worst thing I have ever seen. She is horrible, fake, not funny, untalented, and yet she continues to be on the air. SAD! Their decisions have resulted in a news program that lacks quality, substance and a sense of sincerity. It's sad to see how the station is becoming one of the least respected in the area. I would love to see the day when these decision makers are escorted out their office door with all their contents in boxes!

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