Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Calendar | Reminder: Pulitzers out Monday

Journalism's highest honors, the 2011 Pulitzer Prizewinners and nominated finalists, will be announced on Monday.

Nominees are not announced in advance. The announcement will take place at Columbia University in New York City at 3 p.m. ET. Information on all winners will be posted on www.pulitzer.org shortly after the announcement.

(Also Monday, Gannett reports first-quarter earnings results before stock markets open at 9:30 a.m. ET.)

Related: Why so little speculation about possible winners? It's the Joe Strupp factor.

Earlier: The Des Moines Register won a 2010 Pulitzer for "heart-stopping" water rescue photo. And, the Asbury Park Press was a finalist in the award's top category, public service.


  1. Last year was one of the worst years ever for Gannett and the Pulitzers and betting money is that this year will be no better.

    Most Gannett papers do little if any Pulitzer-worthy reporting today because their newsrooms are decimated and demoralized.

    Those remaining are too busy writing fluff pieces on advertisers or what drinks are most popular at the local bars in town. Hard-hitting investigative journalism ...

  2. 4:25 Tha's not fair. The trouble with the Pulitzers is that they don't have any category that would fit in with what Gannett is doing with its newspapers. For example, there is no Pulitzer for sterling coverage of Dancing with the Stars, which I am certain USA Today would win hands down. I personally thought the BJ comments on the Moms Like Me site was particularly prize-worthy.

  3. The old version of Corporate's website listed all the company's Pulitzers. Where's that list now?

  4. 6:30 They have been rebranded.

  5. One word folks.....Nashville! You all rocked during the flood.

  6. When the Pulitzers have a category for best coverage of your local United Way's money-grabbing events, I'll nominate our paper!

  7. Pulitzers are for news coverage. Gannett is no longer allowed to participate. What is the equivalent for marketing companies?

  8. Everyone knows why dancing with the stars gets heavy coverage. It sells ads. Idol, too. Entertainment coverage attracts eyeballs. That's why Susan Weiss was promoted over others. Sorry,haters.


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