Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Broadcasting, Phoenix lead top employee awards

Corporate just announced that Mark Cornetta, president and general manager of KUSA/KTVD-TV in Denver, has been named Manager of the Year for 2010.

Finalists for that No. 1 honor in the annual employee awards program were Darren Bruce, Newsquest Magazine publisher; and John Misner, president and general manager of KPNX-TV, Phoenix, and John Zidich, president of the U.S. Community Publishing's West Group and president and publisher of The Arizona Republic.

In another top award, USA Today's iPad Launch Team won the Innovator of the Year award. USAT's win comes a day after a member of that team disclosed that he's leaving for a software developer job at Twitter.

The winners were honored at a ceremony today at Gannett headquarters in McLean, Va., along with the recipients of the previously announced Unsung Heros.

Earlier: Zidich "warning labels" now on stories.


  1. Here is John Misner's place... can't believe all these high profile people have their property listed in their name.

  2. So the AZ Republic's revenue and circulation continue to erode (which isn't necessarily Zidich's fault) but he is rewarded none the less. Sales reps at the AZ Republic CANNOT make goal, have a difficult time selling to ANYONE yet they are expected to, but instead of being rewarded they are fired. Anything wrong with this picture. So Gannett's standards are.. the higher up the ladder you are the less you have to do, the less is expected of you and if things don't work out you will still be rewarded and praised for trying so hard in a tough economy.

  3. But as for the award to the IPAD development team, Couch himself says they had little to do with it:
    "I’m not a lead developer on the apps—that would be the fantastic Mercury Intermedia—I just worked with them a lot on the interface, design, and user experience of the app," he wrote on his blog.

  4. Re: 7:59PM

    Let's not forget that this is the same John Zidich who now merits a "warning label" on stories about corruption and malfeasance among the Fiesta Bowl's top manager because of his position on the Fiesta Bowl board. If that doesn't bother the Overlords in the Dark Tower in Virginia the other issues in Phoenix won't.

  5. 9:20 No matter what role Mercury Intermedia played, the iPad launch team had to win this award, or Dubow's over-the-top love affair with the gadget would have been publicly repudiated.

  6. The cynicism abounds. Just like finance never gets enough, comments always are snarky, insentive and full of sour grapes.

    I thought Deal Chicken should win, but that would have been too many wins for TAR. So there, I am now one of you.

  7. John Zidich is a good guy. Excellent manager. Get over it. Whatever it is.

  8. John Zidich is a good guy. Excellent manager. Get over it. Whatever it is.
    4/07/2011 8:35 AM

    Um, ya, ok.. you are so drinking the koolaide.

  9. Yesterday's awards ceremony was very inspirational, uplifting and a wakeup call for all employees to the outstanding work being done across this company. Sure, no one likes the furloughs and RIFs but there continues to be excellent output and results. I am and continue to be proud to do what I do and work for this company. If that makes me "troll" so be it.

  10. 10:32

    I felt the exact same way. And then I was laid off.


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