Friday, April 15, 2011

Earnings | Q1 likely to show papers still lagging

Just when it appeared the largest U.S. newspaper publisher was ready to emerge from the longest slump in its history, Gannett management dampened hopes for the first three months of the year, reports Michael Liedtke in the Associated Press' curtain-raiser to Monday morning's first-quarter earnings report.

Anticipating results, investors bid up GCI's stock today. Shares closed moments ago at $14.80, up 33 cents, or 2.3%.

Earlier: Analysts' earnings-per-share estimates slip a penny. Plus: Gannett Bloggers discuss COO Gracia Martore's sobering forecast.

Related: this Gannett Blog spreadsheet shows current revenue, EPS estimates in a Thomson Financial analyst survey vs. actual results for the past three quarters.


  1. Our paper is never, ever going to busy again. Everyday gets slower and slower. Every week a customer or to drop off. Once in a while a new customer will walk in to advertise for a while. Yahoo is too expensive for our market. Revenue at our paper will always be lower.

  2. Let's see who to blame?

    The economy.
    Bad weather.
    tough year over year comps.
    Traditional advertisers bailing.
    the lackluster housing market.

    Failing management plan and ineffectual leadership? Never.

  3. Gannett will hit its Q1 estimates. It usually does. Because it controls one big variable that will get them there -- costs. That means us. We used to be considered assets. Now we're liabilities. And when sales and margins are coming in too low, they can flick off any number of us out the window and hit their targets.


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