Monday, March 21, 2011

WCSH | Denver's Carter named Portland's GM

The marketing chief at KUSA and KTVD in Denver, Steve Carter, has been named general manager of WCSH, the NBC affiliate in Portland, Maine, Corporate said today in a statement. Carter replaces Steve Thaxton, who quit early this month to become GM of E.W. Scripps' station in Cincinnati.

Carter has been with KUSA for 19 years, and with KTVD after Gannett acquired it in 2006, Corporate's statement says. He has held his recent position of vice president of marketing and promotion since 2007. Earlier he served as director of marketing and promotion from 1999-2007; executive producer of promotion from 1997-1999; and as a promotion writer/producer from 1992-1997.

He joined KUSA from KSFY-TV in Sioux Falls, S.D., where he was promotion manager.

Carter graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minn., with a degree in speech communication/Broadcasting.


  1. Steve is a good guy. I'm happy for him.

  2. This is ANOTHER example of good things happening to good people. Just like with the new executive positions. Leadership is taking this company forward, although most of the people who post here only want to focus on their own hardships. It's amazing that the company has so many journalists who don't even understand their own organization. Always look at the bad, never believe in the plan. That's what many at Ford Motor Co. thought about hiring Alan Mulally (sp) and now with billions in profit they are screeching about his $300M parachute. Put up, shut up or get out.

  3. 2 pm. I agree with you, to a point. But at gannets and usa today, the good people, the qualified people,the talented people are often left behind, suffering at inept leaders with no vision and poor management skills. The impact is also felt on the product. Shareholders lose faith, too.

  4. Hopefully he'll do something to shore up their weak daytime programming; infomercials and Bewitched at 3PM is pathetic for a station of WCSH's legacy and status. And hopefully he'll learn quickly that the Portland market doesn't take kindly to sensationalism and sweeping changes.

  5. Great guy - well earned promotion. We will miss him. Good Luck

  6. I am looking to contact Steve Carter by Email.Does anyone here know his email address?
    please send to

    Thank you


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