Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sponsors | By the numbers: CEO pay rates

Yet another reason why I'm such a bargain. How much two chief executives of multinational media companies earn:

per hour *

per hour * *

* Craig Dubow's based on 51 weeks at 40 hours each in 2010.
** Yours truly's on $16,000 for 52 weeks at 40 hours each; I don't furlough myself.

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  1. Don't forget that Gannett has 37.5 hour weeks. So give yourself a couple extra hours off each week.

  2. A BMW per day, plus throw in a couple of Bentleys after retirement.

  3. Someone is worth way less than their pay. Craigster, you certainly aren't spending it on stylists or memo writers.

  4. Jim, looking at your pay, it appears that there are still some overpaid journalists out there.

  5. Jim,

    There's a big difference. Without Craig, you would not be making your 7 bucks an hour. You earn money because you the shots at Gannett. Right, wrong, indifferent, you are riding the Gannett coattails. Without Gannett, your meager wages would not happen.

    Outside of a bitchfest, I am not sure this website does much. There is a small watchdog component, a larger gossip component and a huge bitchfest going on here.

    Perhaps some hardhitting journalism would yield you a better return. Or, is that a dead business model at this juncture?

  6. 3:36 The No. 1 read on Gannett Blog is readers' comments. Call it a gossip component if you will, but it's what's most popular.

  7. So, Jim, popular makes for good journalism? How is your product superior to the product offered by Gannett? How are you furthering society and the condition of man? Perhaps, your economic endeavor just does not add enough value beyond that of the meager funds you receive from begging?

  8. Popular is one measure of good journalism.

    This blog offers plenty that Corporate's "product" from the communications staff does not, including news about layoffs and furloughs; analyses of executive compensation in layman's terms; context of executive promotions, hiring and other personnel moves; details about Corporate's philanthropic activities; and a real-time forum for employees and shareholders to swap information.

  9. Defend all you would like Jim. Could it be that Gannett made the right decision by chopping you? Besides, you found a second life with the singular purpose of being an adversary to Gannett.

    Really, consider contributing to society. Go write singles ads or obituaries. At least there is an earnest demand.

    If Gannett were to fold, what would your topic be here? The dead horse is still dead. Journalism is soon to follow. As you have proved, a blog is a perfectly adequate framework.


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