Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gannett's regional newspaper groups at a glance

Following are Gannett's four regional newspaper groups; their officers, and assigned newspapers by location.

West: John Zidich, President – Phoenix
Mark Winkler, VP – Palm Springs, Visalia, Tulare, Salinas, Reno
Steve Silberman, VP – Salem, Great Falls, St. George, Fort Collins, Guam

Midwest: Laura Hollingsworth, President – Des Moines, Iowa City, St. Cloud & Sioux Falls
Linda Ramey-Greiwe, VP – Springfield, Mountain Home and all Louisiana properties
Genia Lovett, VP – All Wisconsin properties

South: Carol Hudler, President – Nashville and all Tennessee properties
Leslie Hurst, VP – Jackson (MS), Montgomery, Pensacola, Hattiesburg
Mark Mikolajczyk, VP – Brevard, Fort Myers, Tallahassee, Greenville, Asheville

East: Michael Kane, President – Indianapolis, Rochester, Binghamton, Westchester, Poughkeepsie
Howard Griffin, VP – Wilmington, Cherry Hill, Staunton, Vineland, Burlington, Salisbury
Tom Donovan, VP – Asbury and all Northern New Jersey properties
Margaret Buchanan, VP – Cincinnati, Louisville, Richmond, Muncie, Lafayette, Lansing, Battle Creek, Port Huron, MNCO


  1. I think it is funny that Elmira and Ithaca are no longer listed as separate papers

  2. So what do these people do during working hours? What great schemes have they launched that have resulted in greater advertising revenues and expanded circulation. I think it's time we have a value for money survey and start thinning out the executive ranks. What possible defense is there for these regional positions when local publishers do the work?

  3. JIm - I don't understand your breakdown of the papers. For example, you list Michael Kane as only having five papers reporting to him. The entire East group reports to Michael. The five papers you have listed "under" him all have publishers. (Westchester's is open atm)

    Am I not reading it correctly?

  4. In each case, all the papers and their publishers ultimately report to each of the group presidents.

    However, this organizational list, which a reader provided to me, suggests that some publishers report directly to the presidents. The rest presumably report to the vice presidents who, in turn, report to the president.

  5. Whither the rotting corpse of Tucson?

  6. Isn't Donovan interim publisher in Westchester?

  7. 12:09pm here Jim. Thanks for the explanation. Yes, that makes sense and is correct.

  8. Tell Tom Donovan that Jim O'Donnel said hi!


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