Saturday, March 21, 2009

St. Cloud reportedly trims workforce another 5%

The 10 jobs just eliminated at the St. Cloud Times would follow the Minnesota newspaper's nearly 11% reduction during December's Gannett-wide cuts; that left the paper with about 194 positions. Today, Anonymous@10:41 a.m. said an Argus Leader human resources employee in Sioux Falls, S.D., traveled to St. Cloud to help tell workers over the past three days; the paper reportedly no longer employs an on-site HR representative.

"Not sure why she came, as she doesn't leave the office," wrote @10:41 a.m. "Our publisher and few managers were on furlough this week. Publisher did not have to give up the company car for a week, however. One accounting person was escorted out of the building. . . . We still have more assistants than sales on the street, and more managment than we can ever imagine. Wow, this is crazy. Stay tuned."

Publisher William Albrecht has been the top executive since October 2001. St. Cloud's circulation fell 4.1%, to 25,449 daily, on Sept. 30 from a year before. Sunday was unchanged, Deutsche Bank says.

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  1. Of course, of course, so many managers. Managers everywhere. The manager-bashing here is atrocious. You don't like your management, get good enough to be qualified to try it yourself and get willing to put in the time required to be a success. And also, bring some freaking ideas to the table instead of just throwing fruit.

  2. This is the only outlet to review managers, since the company won't let us do it. Quite frankly, I'm tired of working for people who can't do their freaking jobs. I'm tired of leading them around by the nose. I'm tired of being a manager in job duties only. I'll bet a lot of people feel like that. Mangers are really good at talking to other managers on e-mail all day, and really bad about actually doing productive work. Some managers anyway. There are many, many, good managers. I doubt one of them has the time or the inclination to comment on this blog. Just us hourly people, and bad managers taking a break from their e-mail...

  3. Bill Albrect to the rescue!!!!!!! Doh! I guess not.

  4. And also, bring some freaking ideas to the table instead of just throwing fruit.

    Isn't that what management gets for? Is there compensation in any way for the working stiff if he brings ideas to the table????? Answer: of course not - he will receive a slap on the back and management get their bonus package.

    Well, in my humble opinion: work for your bonus and for your high paycheck! Manager bashing - my foot!

  5. Mangers have to earn their pay check just like the rest of us. It just sucks that so many of them at the St. Cloud Times don't earn theirs.

  6. I've got my list of who should be let go at the Times...


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