Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Start licking! Here's my new snail-mail address

I've now opened a post box for readers who want to buy a Gannett Blog subscription, but don't feel comfortable doing so online. As a reminder, I'm trying to earn $6,000 quarterly, through advertising and voluntary quarterly subscriptions of $5.

I happily accept cash! Please make any checks payable to me.

Jim Hopkins
584 Castro St. #823
San Francisco, Calif. 94114-2594

To buy a $5 subscription online, please use the "Donate" tool in the green sidebar, upper right. Any amount appreciated! Post feedback in the comments section, below. Send e-mail to gannettblog[at]gmail[dot-com].


  1. But cash is OK, right?

  2. Cash is always welcome!

  3. Start licking? Just what kind of tips are you looking for? Eww,TMI.

  4. I will happily send you $20 which should pay for me and a few freeloaders. If you are in danger of shutting the lights out, let us know and I'll take up a covert collection in the newsroom.

  5. I just mailed my $20 contribution. C'mon you other Gannett blog readers: Jim is doing a great service for us. Let's be generous in showing our gratitude, okay?


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