Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reader: Phoenix buyouts just one week per year

Regarding The Arizona Republic meeting to brief news staffers on a second round of buyouts, a reader says: "These are NOT two weeks pay per year worked. We wish. The Republic is breaking new ground in skin flintedness by offering only week of pay per year worked. Health insurance is being extended to about three years, which is certainly important, but one week per year? Really? WTF? . . . The mood in the Republic newsroom is pretty grim right now."

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  1. The extra medical insurance and the extra years of pension are worth a great deal. This was not a bad offer.

  2. I received 1 week per year and was happy to get out before I had a heart attack and died from the stress of working for a Gannett bully.
    I didn't receive an offer of extended health benefits.
    Take the offer and run. The next round will be even less "generous".

  3. In Fort Collins we only got one week per year worked and no extended health coverage.

  4. 1 week per year vs. 2 weeks per year would make a huge difference to me as far as choosing whether or not to accept a buyout... It's a tough enough job market right now as it is and 1 week per year instead of 2 really cuts down on your margin of error in case the job search isn't successful quickly.

  5. You tell me how they can get by with offering different buyout incentives (you get one week but she gets two weeks) at different places. Doesn't add up for a business that has centralized HR.


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