Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rumor central: Gannett interested in Daytona?

I've now had at least two readers ask if I know whether Gannett is interested in buying The Daytona Beach News-Journal, which owners put up for sale last month after losing a costly court fight with minority owner Cox Enterprises. The Davidson family-owned paper's circulation is about 100,000 weekdays, and 120,000 Sundays.

I'd be surprised if Gannett bought any more print papers, given all the challenges it already faces with its existing portfolio. Still, the Daytona paper is just 90 miles north of Florida Today, in Melbourne; at the right price, there may be some synergistic clustering (oooooh!) opportunities.

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[Image: this morning's News-Journal, Newseum]


  1. I wouldn't be surprised. Brevard has recently had financial endeavorers in Orlando (UCF). It makes sense financially for Brevard to pick that paper up because it would cause FLORIDA TODAY to has a much larger foot print than the Orlando Sentinel (FLAT's rival paper).


  3. 4:50 pm - Link doesn't work....

  4. And you think the community hates the newspaper now?!

  5. I heard they have made a deal to sell to Freedom

  6. Check out info on this case at

  7. Do they have any money left over after paying 2AD Pro as well as credits to advertisers for the poor quality that we've all seen?
    By the way who's running that dept. anyway now that they let Wanda Sabatino go?
    From what I hear they treated alligators better that they had removed out of the pond than they did her when she was let go. What a shame I worked with her 5 years ago, you should be embarassed. I bet the place isn't the same without her.

  8. I just about choked when they let Wanda Sabatino go. Not only was she a dedicated employee who knew this business inside and out, she loved her job. There aren't many employees like her left in this industry. I wonder if the person who let her go has realized the error of his/her ways. Probably not because she hasn't been offered her job back, as far as I know. This mistake will certainly cost Florida Today in the long run. Do you remember the good ole days at Florida Today? You walk in there now and people are walking around like zombies. It's such a shame.


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