Thursday, May 29, 2008

FAQs About Me: Is there a psycho ward on Ibiza?

[Ibiza at night, by Flickr member RingoChan]

One in an occasional series of Q&As about yours truly.

Q. You're spending the summer vacationing on a Mediterranean island known as one of Europe's top playgrounds -- and you're going to keep blogging about Gannett? I shall put this gently: Are. You. Nuts?
A. LOL! Even with the crap I sometimes take from readers, I've had more fun blogging here than just about anything I've done in years. I've learned first-hand about the power of a truly interactive blog. As I experienced in Brazil, blogging doesn't have to chew up a lot of time. It gives me a good intellectual workout when I'm on the road. Plus, it's hard to think of my summer in Ibiza as a vacation, when I'm not exactly working my butt off right now.

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