Wednesday, February 27, 2008

As Dickey rises, who's vulnerable at Corporate?

What I wouldn't mind seeing if it happened my way: Names, areas of responsibility, and years with Gannett. I'm mostly interested in those at the Corporate Tower.

Of course, I'm referring to this: Today, the board of directors named longtime Gannett executive Robert Dickey (left) as the new president of the newspaper division, re-branded as U.S. Community Publishing. That puts him snugly in the executive suite at McLean, Va. -- and queued up as a likely successor to Chairman and CEO Craig Dubow.

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The Shirt-tale
Now, we might as well get this out of the way. It's that name: Dickey. Big, big problem for your's truly when it comes to writing posts and heds. (Exhibit A, above.) I'm sure he suffered cruel needling as a kid. But it's really hard to blog when Dickey keeps popping up. (OMG!!! See what I mean?!)

But now, seriously: No jokes, comments or criticisms that play off the guy's last name. It's boring already -- and it hasn't even started. I'd like to avoid spiking a lot of otherwise good comments.


  1. Why does the subhed say "The Shirt-tale?" I worked on the copy desk at The Pine Bluff Commercial in 1985-87. The slot man would sometimes fill a hole at the bottom of a column with a two- or three-graph wire story. He'd ask me to write maybe a 14-point hed, and then we'd "shirt tale'' it to the bottom of the story. Has anyone else ever heard this term around the desk?

  2. I heard it while stringing for the NYT in the 1970s. I wrote a few too.

  3. Does Dickey see softening in the US Community Newspapers? I am uncertain why Bob would be promoted when his own business was shrinking!


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