Monday, May 12, 2008

And the most miserable New Jersey paper is . . .

[Misery loves company: carbon copied Frank Gannett]

Puh-leeze! Was there ever any doubt? Courier-Post staffers endured Poopgate and other conditions so bad, they threatened to file a complaint with the U.S. Labor Department, saying they were denied pay for overtime worked. For all that (and so much more!), Gannett Blog readers on Sunday named the paper, winner of the inaugural Frank E. Gannett Memorial Misery Loves Company Award.

But, you know what? If I ever returned to Gannett (hah!), I'd work at the Courier-Post. They've got moxie. Ich bin ein Cherry Hiller!

Here's a breakdown of the 122 responses to the reader-suggested survey question: The most miserable N.J. paper is . . .
Note: Figures don't total 100 due to rounding. (Plus, Blogger's survey widget sometimes has bad hair days.)


  1. Hey Jim, get ready for the next phase of layoffs. Lest you forgot, NJ papers launch 2AdPro outsourcing to India June 1st. They still haven't told which production personnel are out. And this on the tail of the Friday May 9th buyouts. At least those folks got a choice.

  2. News Flash! The outsourcing has already started at the NJ papers!! Still no word on the layoffs..Black Friday is just upon us!

  3. HNT came in fourth place?! It makes sense. The non management people are fantastic. But as an environment... VERY bad for your health.

  4. My first post here (been following for a while). 23 years at the APP, sadly watching the whole clusterf*ck disintegrate slowly (though it's getting faster every day).
    Local note (though I wouldn't be surprised to hear similar stories): Two Fridays back those that took the buyout left with absolutely no recognition (no announcement, no cake, no nothing) not even a mention in the weekly e-mail update. Hundreds of years of experience out the door, people who had devoted their lives to this paper out like so much rubbish. Disgraceful.

  5. @7:08 p.m. Thanks for stopping by. USA Today's buyouts in December felt somewhat like we, too, were being hustled away rather quietly.

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