Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Pensacola | Hudler resurfaces as 2nd interim pub

Carol Hudler, special assistant to U.S. newspaper division president Bob Dickey, and former president of the now-defunct South Group of community papers, has just been named interim publisher of the Pensacola News Journal.

She replaces interim publisher Rebecca Boles, who quit earlier this month for a public relations job at Gulf Power Co. Boles, in turn, had replaced Kevin Doyle, who announced his retirement in August.

A search for a permanent publisher is continuing.

Hudler was president of the Nashville-based South Group of newspapers and publisher of The Tennessean until May, when the newspaper division reduced the number of regional groups to three from four, eliminating Hudler's group in the process.

Her assignment as Dickey's special assistant suggested Hudler had been placed into a management holding pattern, pending another suitable opening in the company. Today's announcement appears to be the outcome.

Pensacola's weekday circulation is about 32,000, and Sunday is 48,000, according to the Sept. 30 AAM report. (Look up your site's circulation.)


  1. Shouldn't the tags include her protege?

  2. How far the mighty has fallen. lest they didn't get Leifeld.

  3. It doesn't look too good for Hudler

  4. This seems like an awfully big fall for her? Gotta be one hell of a story there somewhere.

  5. Hudler is an outstanding publisher and good at crisis management. One of the few left in Gannett that gets it. My sense is she has likely been sent in to stabilize the operation.

  6. Hudler is one of the good ones, I think too. Compared with the normal heartless clueless Gannett manager she is golden.

  7. Shame she couldn't be sent back to Nashville. We'd take anyone but LH. Ready for her to be promoted and move to Virginia already.

  8. Carol is one of the good ones indeed. Hated to see her leave Fort Myers. That was the beginning of the end for me.


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