Saturday, November 02, 2013

Here's the latest circulation data for your paper

U.S. newspapers across Gannett just revealed their latest circulation numbers in a report from the industry's Alliance for Audited Media, formerly the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The report went to AAM members. But a thoughtful Gannett Blog reader has given me a copy. I've uploaded the 140-page .pdf report to Google Documents, were you can read and download a copy for free.


  1. What stood out is that the losses are consistent, all the papers lost about 5 percent of their circulation in the past year. Also surprising is the small number of digital subscriptions.

  2. Why no numbers for the Courier News? Is it included as part of the Home News Tribune circ numbers? The NJ papers are way down, perhaps fueling the ongoing rumors of NJ Today coming soon?

    1. The numbers are on there, 11,856 for Mon.-Sat., down from 14,072 a year ago (-16 percent) and 15,563 for Sunday, down from 17,859 (-13 percent).
      Since 2009, Mon.-Sat. dropped 39 percent and Sunday dropped 34 percent.

  3. Oofah!! You're doing a hell of a job, PG!

  4. I see that the Asbury Park Press's move of bringing in JF to be the poobah of content evolution and audience development has worked out amazingly well.


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