Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wausau | This hed looks like an editor's reminder

That's a screenshot of what I found in my in-box this morning when I checked the latest batch of Google News alerts for anything Gannett-related.

But I don't find this editor's note in place of a hed when I went to the Wausau Daily Herald's website. I think it originally went with this story.

Maybe it got caught after Google scraped the story from the Wisconsin paper's site?

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  1. That content is still in the page source, although its generated by javascript and the setting that calls it is currently not set. I worked for a Gannett property that was fortunate not to have to use the horrible Saxotech CMS so I'm not sure of what combs of the publishing process exposed this headline.
    If I have time later, I'll try to see since it is a js (browser) activated feature that I can probably fiddle with without credentials to the site.

    BTW... it is quite easy to hack a Gannett site using the Saxotech CMS, submit the content to google and temporarily come up with things like you brought to attention in the blog

    var _sections = {
    frontpage: 'Umbrella Page',
    article: (function(){
    var _artPN = '';
    if(location.href.indexOf('cmsedit') > -1) _artPN = '(cmsedit) ';
    _artPN += 'Need logo to run with series explainer.(U02013309150176)';
    return _artPN;
    section: _cat + ' Index',
    classifieds: 'Classifieds: '+_cat+' listings',
    search: 'Publicus search results: ',
    gallery: (function() {
    if(_PI.title &&
    return 'Gallery Title: '+_PI.title+' ('')';
    return 'Gallery Title: Null';
    tngallery: (function() {
    if(_PI.title &&
    return 'tnGallery Title: '+_PI.title+' ('')';
    return 'tnGallery Title: Null';


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