Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PointRoll said issuing 'mea culpa' over privacy case

That's according to Online Media Daily, which just reported that Gannett's advertising services subsidiary will publicly acknowledge that its Safari data-collection last year was "not consistent with best industry practices."

If accepted by U.S. District Court Judge Sue Robinson in Delaware, the settlement will resolve allegations that PointRoll violated computer fraud and wiretap laws by placing cookies on the computers of Safari users, the report says.

Google was also swept up in the case. The search giant recently paid $22.5 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges about the alleged circumvention.


  1. PointRoll paid a lot when they lost their top 5 clients over this immature act. PointRoll lost $18mm in annual revenue because of this mess. Now Super Mario is to the rescue (not!).

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  3. PointRoll lost their top five clients over this? Proof?

  4. I hope they fire the clowns who wrote the code! Oh wait, it's Pointroll.

  5. Now all Pointroll needs to do is issue a Mea Culpa to its own employees for being a digital sweatshop.


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