Thursday, September 19, 2013

Butterfly | Welcome to Corporate's talking points

"We will add more local news and, in partnership with USA Today, we will add more national, sports and lifestyle news."

-- Publisher Michael Kane, in a note this afternoon to Rochester Democrat and Chronicle readers, announcing the New York paper will join The Indianapolis Star and other sites in testing the addition of a separate daily news section from USAT. (Emphasis added.)

"That section will be produced through a first-of-its-kind partnership with USA Today."

-- The Star, in its own story this morning about the addition of the section starting Oct. 6.

Indeed, in a memo to USAT employees this afternoon, Publisher Larry Kramer uses the word partner no less than five times to describe the new arrangement.

Earlier: Star confirms launch of Butterfly Project. Plus: USAT forecasts 35% dive in newsstand sales with doubling of cover price to $2.


  1. "Partnership" sounds so agreeable. And if that phrase starts showing up in other Gannett news stories, it will just be a coincidence.

    1. Newspaper employee on telephone with angry reader:

      "No, USA Today isn't forcing us to take this section. It's a partnership."

  2. Meanwhile, in Louisville, Ky., Courier-Journal readers can look for a more April-fresh newspaper, according to a note to readers today from Publisher Wesley Jackson.

    But not just fresher. It'll be more focused, tighter, robust, and chock-a-block with fashion-forwardness!

    "Beginning today," Jackson (or someone in marketing) wrote, "you will notice we’re freshening up our presentation and changing some of our content to bring even more focus to local news in the newspaper and to deliver an expanded presence online."

    Meanwhile, "we’re also tightening our Business coverage to focus on information of local impact."

    In editorial, the paper is offering "a more robust presentation."

    But wait, there's still more freshness!

    "Sporting a fresh new look, Health & Fitness will continue to provide readers’ favorite coverage, including nutrition, exercise, a weekly healthy recipe and advice columns."

    And then there's features: "Readers will be able to pair their interest in the hottest retail buys and style makeovers, with the popular Sunday coupons and store inserts."

    Yes, it's more, more, more: "Overall, our aim is to give print readers more of the in-depth, community-focused news, features and sports content they consistently tell us they want and that no other news provider in this region can match."

  3. Write the content, then leave yourself a bunch of comments. Who needs an audience!?

  4. At least someone is writing content. Most of Usa Today's staff doesnt. One to two stories a week, if that. The place is filled with primma donnas and editors protecting their turf. Cant wait to see how theyll provide stories for Gannett papers when they are barely producing anything now. This should get real interesting. Who'll crack the whip?

    1. Please come up with some new material. You do this schtick too much. If you can't find something fresh to whine about, at least limit your posts so we can all get a break from you. Thank you in advance.


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