Tuesday, August 06, 2013

USAT | Here's Wolff's column -- and it's a doozy

Rupert and Wendi
USA Today media columnist Michael Wolff has returned to his favorite go-to topic -- thrice-married billionaire octogenarian media tycoon Rupert Murdoch -- in a delightfully dishy account of his seismic split from much younger wife Wendi. (Way more interesting than that other billionaire soon-to-be newspaper owner, Jeff Bezos.)

Get this, which Wolff attributes to Gawker:

"Not only has Murdoch had a long-rumored affair with Rebekah Brooks, the former head of his London operation -- soon to be on trial for her alleged roles in the phone hacking scandal that's engulfed Murdoch's British papers -- but his older son, Lachlan, did, too."


Yesterday, his Monday column was nowhere to be found online. Either he turned it in late, or editors forgot to post it. The timestamp says 12:04 a.m. today. I tripped across it on Publisher Larry Kramer's Twitter feed. Clearly, USAT ain't shying away from sex.


  1. Stay classy,Kramer.

  2. I was wondering if Jim would continue his streak of stupidity into today. Looks like the answer is yes.

  3. Seems like a hit piece against the owner of the WSJ, USAT's main competition.

  4. So Jim can you shed some light on why you go after Wff week after week. You NECER go after journalists. Managers yes but not non managers. What's the deal. It feels a little personal

    1. Wolff started his column in mid-September 2012. Since then, I've written a grand total of six posts about Wolff -- including today's, which was perhaps the most positive one. That's according to a search I just did.

      I'd estimate that I've also written a half-dozen comments about him in various threads, often in response to comments readers have posted.

      That hardly counts as "week after week" -- especially over the course of nearly a year.

      Wolff was one of Kramer's most high-profile early hires. He's not a manager; he's a media critic -- a journalist, in fact.

      I'm a media critic. He's a critic. We're both fair game.

  5. Please wake me when Wolff's column is canceled. He is an embarrassment.


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