Friday, August 02, 2013

Question: What's worse than getting laid off?

Answer: Finding your name misspelled in your official layoff notification letter. That's what happened this week to one (now former) East Coast newspaper employee.


  1. Isn't that person still on the payroll until they take action using the employee's real name?

    1. No. Dismissal doesn't have to be in writing.

  2. Classy, Gannett, classy.

  3. Even better is when an employee spends many years there, gets laid off without so much as a flick of the wrist, and when you claim your pension (first frozen and now outsourced, of course), the sourced company can't find you in their records. It was fun sorting that out! As was pointed out earlier here, to Gannett you're just a number.

  4. I pressed Enter too soon. Let me clarify: I'm sure this didn't happen to everyone, but when it happens to you it doesn't really matter if it didn't happen to everyone! To be fair, they did — eventually — clear it up. Even got an apology (an alien word in Gannett's vocabulary). I'm surprised Gannett didn't re-outsource to another company; how dare someone apologize to a worker drone!


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