Monday, August 05, 2013

Amid layoffs, here's Corporate's list of 'values'

Community: We’re better together.
Integrity: Do the right thing.
Innovative: Be bold. Take risks.
Commitment: Have courage. Do what must be done.
Results driven: Be accountable. Deliver.
Flexible: Adapt. Move forward.
Inclusive: Respect and reflect the community.

Read more about those here, as you consider the fact Gannett refuses to discuss the nearly 250 job cuts roiling the newspaper division over the past week.


  1. Ah yes, let's reflect on those good ol Gannett core values. When I read them, I'm so happy that I'm always within reach of a bucket to vomit. Here's what they really mean. Happy reading kids!

    Community: We’re better when there are fewer of us together.

    Integrity: Do the right thing, unless the wrong thing helps your bottomline.

    Innovative: Be sort of bold. Take only calculated risks that are very safe and incremental.

    Commitment: Have courage. Do what must be done even if it means producing shitty products.

    Results driven: Be accountable only to your stockholders. Deliver as much value to them as possible.

    Flexible: Adapt to the way the wind blows. You can always move forward by going backwards.

    Inclusive: Respect the big shiny and reflect the community of 11th floor crystal palace dwellers.

  2. Enron, Lehman, Cendant, Worldcom...

    Hello Gannett, get ready for the reputation that will be yours

  3. New World Order at Gannett8/05/2013 9:34 AM

    Community: We hope the community is too stupid to realize they're paying more for less.

    Integrity: We demand it from our front line employees while our executives have the morals of a pirate.

    Innovative: We will begrudgingly spend the money to buy new equipment which barely does the job.

    Commitment: Anyone who works here should be commited.

    Results Driven: Management will exploit caring consciousness employees who care about their work and professionalism with callous comments, bad reviews and not even as much as a thank you.

    Flexible: We're still throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks.

    Inclusive: Hey, people of color, see how well we treat workers over 40? We love doing the bare minimum.

    Now repeat the new company mantra: You're lucky to have a job, more with less, more money for Gracia and Dickey!

  4. Who is responsible for writing up this values BS? What a piece of crap.

  5. Disgusting company.


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