Monday, July 22, 2013

USAT | Welcome to the ultimate royal baby cam

Since USA Today first posted the she's-in-labor/labour news early this morning on Twitter under the #royalbaby hashtag, the paper and its correspondents Kim Hjelmgaard and Maria Puente in London have published 41 tweets, including:

On Twitter, USAT has 662,778 followers. The New York Times has 8,841,854; The Wall Street Journal: 3,078,732. And the top-followed is Justin Bieber at 42,189,262. (Most-followed tweeters.)


  1. What a fucking joke we are. Even though we have far more twits than the Tines and the Journal.

  2. Why does USAT have less than 10% as many followers as the NYT?

  3. Because it's 10% of the news organization that the NYT is. Simple math.

    1. The collection of goobers we now have making decisions or simply letthing those with no common sense or perspective dictating news is simply stunning. This aint journalism, kids. But it is barely mediocre celebrity coverage. Does no one actually give a shit anymore?


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