Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Des Moines | Print sub rates said jumping 40%

That's according to a KCCI-TV report today about The Des Moines Register. Any such increase would follow similarly big rate hikes last year.

The paper's marketing chief, Kurt Allen, told the station the increase is a "Corporate initiative, across all Gannett properties."

The newspaper started notifying its 80,000 daily print subscribers of the subscription hike in letters yesterday.

A full subscription to print and digital editions will increase from $23 to $33 a month starting in September, according to KCCI.


  1. Correct link:

    Smaller paper, less news, raise the price of the product 40%. What business skrewel did these idiots attend?

  2. Same thing they've done the last 5 years. Most likely comes from Gannett. There are people who bust their humps trying to sell the print papers and then Gannett comes along and cuts the feet out from under. My goodness if they really want print dead they should just do it and quit playing around. It's like letting someone up just to stick another knife in. I'm not a conspiracy person but sometimes I wonder if there's a bigger agenda going on. One or a few papers making bad decisions but a whole industry that was the backbone of our country? Just doesn't make sense.

  3. Okay, so no one is buying your hamburgers and revenue is falling.
    Raise the price 40% and throw in a side no one wants, that’ll work.

    1. Actually more like taking one side of the bun off!

  4. This is a temporary revenue boon that will result in 15-20% subscription loss within the year. Set a mark now, see 5-10% leave in the early days where management will claim success, and then watch the rest erode over the course of a year of decisions to expire. Good news is that EZPAY folks will stay, but folks writing checks or paying as they go will go.

  5. The VP of Marketing even told KCCI it was a Gannett initiative and would be coming to all papers sooner or later.

  6. They boost the small circulation papers rates like the FDL Reporter & Osh Northwestern that much and they might as well shut their doors now.

  7. Yet another example of the profit-engorged mother corporation sucking blood out of a viable newspaper.

  8. Classic Gannett. Than they can claim how well the digital revenue initiative is working.

  9. USA Today planning to raise paper price to $2 this fall.

  10. The worst part is that the Regional Sales Managers and Local Sales Managers will be blamed and forced out. This happened last year when they lost a lot of good people while the people that made the decisions and directed the acquisition and retention material remain in place. Travleing, getting plastered and intimidating the people that really care and are trying.
    There are a lot of very smart people at corporate, I am surprised they have not figured out that thier once bright and shinning star is a cancer and staff turns over at a high rate. Bob, Evan, Jerry please get rid of the cancer and you may see amazing results.

  11. Had a weekend-only subscription that was $12, jumping to $21 a month. I think I will cancel and go to online-only.


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