Tuesday, June 25, 2013

USAT | Here's one way to boost online traffic

Bullock and Handler

Now on USA Today's homepage:


  1. What a sandbox USA Today has become. Infantile news judgement, reporters doing little to no work, and the competition cleaning its clock.

  2. Infantile, yes,and also disrespectful to those one-faithful readers of higher tastes who are being pushed elsewhere for their news sans shameless click-pandering. But you are wrong about most of the reporters left to churn out the copy. "Sweatbox" is the word I am hearing most to describe the post-buyout environment with a greatly reduced workload. Trouble is, there is little room for much insightful writing in the paper and the stories on the web site vaporize within hours. As for the competition, NY Times might be in the same boat: They ran an AP obit for the great writer Richard Matheson.

    1. Oops, make that "once" and "greatly reduced staff," not workload.

    2. Whatever it takes to make those blue balls bounce with readers, eh?

  3. They missed reporting Handler's favorite pickup line:
    "Is that a bottle of Belvedere in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?"


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