Monday, June 17, 2013

Sports Media | Tip: more staff cuts in BNQT unit

The USA Today Sports Media Group has laid off a handful of employees in its action sports subsidiary, BNQT, according to one of my readers. Some senior business development and management staff also have been let go, this reader says.

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  1. Dude, hope it's not me. I would just like be totally be un-stoked if that happened. Real bummer, you know.

    1. Ah, she-yah! I got Diet Dew and Red Bull to buy.

    2. Where the hell am I gonna find tits on the internet now???

    3. In the comics section . . .

  2. Hunke's Folly.

  3. Just got the good news. No layoffs, but all BNQT employees can no longer put surfing costs on their corporate expense reports. Same for skate boarding, roller blading and extreme fishing.

  4. I applauded Hunke for trying to engage a younger audience. An audience advertisers pay handsomely to reach.

    How it was executed could be up for scrutiny, but I think it was wise to enter the action sports world. It's not any more fluffy than half the content broadcast and community publishing produce.

    Anyway, I know a round of layoffs hit BNQT hard last month. Not sure about a new round.


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