Saturday, February 02, 2013

Lafayette | Porno's in the eye of the beholder

The Times of Acadiana reportedly recalled its latest issue after the publisher decided a cover photo of a sculpture at an exhibition was too racy for its Louisiana audience. The weekly tabloid, published by The Advertiser in Lafayette, was reprinted to remove the offending image.

This would so not be a problem at Gannett's entertainment site in San Francisco.


  1. They should have left the original out. These days, people like to comment on OTHER people being outraged. We've seen worse than the original cover. So have the good Cajuns.

    This story is like a Go Daddy Super Bowl ad. Lame spot that tries to create bogus sexual tension. And we're supposed to go "Ooh!". The publisher killed his own buzz. Bad job.

    1. Charles Everett2/04/2013 10:19 AM

      Louisiana does have a strong Bible Belt influence, something that The Times of Acadiana did not take into account.

      Even the Village Voice knows better than to show sexual organs on the cover.

  2. At last some male cleavacle!!!!! get tired of seeing female exposure keep up the good work


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