Monday, January 21, 2013

At the inaugural, unexpected faces in the crowd

I know why Eva Longoria was sitting so close to President Obama as he was sworn in today. (She helped bring in the crucial Hispanic vote.) Kelly Clarkson, too. But campaign opponent Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista?

Look for more bold-faced names in this very smart interactive photographic by The New York Times.

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  1. I have to ask . . . why the tag "Widows and Orphans"?

    1. It's my version of miscellaneous. Old timers will recognize it as a typography term.

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    1. Here is an edited version of 10:42's comment to keep it more focused on the subject at hand:

      Jim: And, this has what to do with your stated mission of this blog as cited above? 

The temptation to explain why members of the opposing party were there would likely inflame a heated political debate, that is unless you’d like to incite one.

      And here's my reply: The Gingriches were a bad example; I should have chosen another well-known guest whose presence would have surprised people.

    2. More focused on the subject at hand?

      Funny, as that’s why you were called out; you deviated greatly from the mission of this blog - opening up political debate, something you’ve long spiked. Using those rules and how you couldn’t even find a Gannett connection (NYTimes link instead), the entire “unexpected faces” post of yours would be sacked.

      Yet, instead, you keep it and spike commentary that said it was far more important to show people of all political persuasions coming together for what makes this nation great, than Hollywood types who just turn it all into one big spectacle, not unlike what you reattempt now. Again, funny.

      Regardless, still a blog fan.

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  4. Here's an edited version of 10:51's comment:

    I think Gingrich is an excellent example of an unexpected guest. Another would be Murdoch. People that appreciate and understand the use of power.

  5. The comments re: "widows and orphans," and that this feature comes from the NYTimes and not a Gannett entity, says plenty.


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