Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Salem | Exec editor Church leaving for Sarasota

That's what Bill Church of Oregon's Statesman Journal just Tweeted minutes ago:

Assuming he's referring to Florida's Sarasota Herald-Tribune, he'll be joining former Tallahassee Democrat Publisher Pat Dorsey, who went to that Halifax Media Group daily in October.

Church has been the Oregon daily's editor since June 2006.

Sarasota's weekday circulation is 60,141, and Sunday is 79,641. Salem's is 34,891 on weekdays and 42,424 on Sundays, according to the Sept. 30 ABC report.


  1. Bill kept Salem staff positive. He is a great leader with sharp sense of humor. Salem can't seem to hold onto their leadership team. Bill leaving worries a lot of people in Salem.

  2. The publisher won't let the managers do their jobs, he constantly second quessing and cannot make a decesion. That's why Salem cannot keep a Ad director! The folks in Salem should be worried, very worried.

  3. This is a big loss for Salem. Bill was a consistently positive leader who looked beyond what the paper is doing to what they could do. Good for him for getting out of Gannett, though.

  4. I can't say that I agree with some of the praise that people have heaped on Bill; I will say he's been a straight-shooter with me. I've gotten along well with him. However, know many others that have had a strained relationship with Bill. The publisher in Salem is as self-absorbed as they come. Each time I've had to work with him, I've felt sorry for the people who have to deal with him on a daily basis. He does a poor job of hiding his contempt for his employees. He's chosen not to give raises this year despite having a pool of money to do so.

  5. There is a reaction plan but not a proactive plan to retain top employees in Gannett or many other companies. Prediction: Editors around the country will be swapping jobs in and out of Gannett (we've seen a few recently) as the only real way to advance their careers and take care of their families. They are looking at the newsrooms they had to dismantle and wonder, "It's go tot be better somewhere else."

  6. Statesman editor is dream job if you want publisher who stabs you in back and can't make decision without calling Phoenix and corporate. They fired ad rep in front of everyone. We are surprised Church stayed. Everyone has resume out in Salem. Publisher has ruined Statesman's reputation.


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