Saturday, December 08, 2012

Iowa City | GM Aguirre quits after two years

Iowa City Press-Citizen General Manager Gabe Aguirre disclosed yesterday that he's leaving the newspaper, effective immediately.

Aguirre, 40, has taken a job as general manager of the locally based Hawkeye Sports Properties. He was named general manager of the Press-Citizen in December 2010 and has been with Gannett 12 years, the daily said in a story late last night.

Midwest Group President Laura Hollingsworth said a search will begin immediately for Aguirre’s replacement.

Aguiree was named GM during a period of extraordinary turnover among senior publishing executives during late 2010.

The paper, 115 miles east of Des Moines, is one of Gannett's smallest. Weekday circulation is 9,765, and Sunday is 12,108, according to the Sept. 30 ABC report.

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  1. We could use some extraordinary turnover among senior executives again, Jim.


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