Sunday, December 02, 2012

Ad giants reduce 2013 global spending forecasts

Three big ad companies are revising down their projections for 2013 global ad spending growth, citing economic troubles in Europe and lackluster conditions in the U.S., among other factors.

WPP PLC, Publicis Groupe SA and Interpublic Group of Cos. are each due to release updated forecasts tomorrow, projections that will likely be closely watched by Wall Street as an indication of expected conditions for next year. Just a few weeks ago, the ad companies cited the same macroeconomic factors for weak third-quarter ad spending, which hurt their latest quarterly results.

The companies' forecasts are due at the start of UBS Securities' annual media investment conference in New York. Most major media companies will also be presenting during the event. Gannett's presentation is scheduled for Wednesday.


  1. This is why we hire topflight ad people, to capture the hard to please marketers. That is why we have Banikarim and Micek. They are laying the groundwork for a great 2013!

  2. Time for more advertising and marketing VPEES.

  3. I have seen a decrease in ad spending after every major crysis announcement, then a few months later it always climbs back up. Another trend seems to be to move from traditional media like TV, print etc ... to the internet where the results actually are meassurable.

    Matt at

  4. Furloughed Fury12/05/2012 10:12 PM

    Here's the excuse for Q1 furloughs...


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