Friday, November 30, 2012

USAT | What'll the grammar police say about this?

Over at Jim Romenesko's blog, a debate's now underway about a (possibly) new contraction employed'n a USA Today hed this mornin'.


  1. Picky Out West11/30/2012 4:21 PM

    Hmm. For starters, it's "under way," two words. Check your AP Stylebook.

  2. The correct word is not what're gonna do but waddaya gonna do ...

  3. Im more worried about the increasingly opinionated commentary that is showing up in Sports and Life. Attitude is one thing, opining in copy is not. Where the fuck are the editors keeping this shit out of copy? What the fuck are copy editors doing all day?

  4. Copy editors are either:
    1) Looking for a new job now that they've been eliminated, or
    2) Filling out state unemployment compensation paperwork.

  5. You people are kidding me, right? There are NO copy editors checking this stuff. (Have you been under a rock the past few years??) And underway is ONE word per USAT style. So screw the Associated Press and rock on, Jim.


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